Brothers in Hip Hops – VCBW – June 5, 2014

For the Second year in a row the Brothers in Hops was held at the Butcher and Bullock in Downtown Vancouver.  Due to the Hip Hop theme this year the event was renamed Brothers in Hip Hops.  The event brought together local breweries Parallel 49 and Central City brewing.  Also at the event though was Gigantic Brewing and Ninkasi Brewing both from Oregon.  Almost every beer involved in the event was an IPA or something with a big hops bitterness in the least.


Like most events for the Vancouver Craft Beer Week I was able to hang out with so many great beer friends who have turned into just great friends.  I was also able to hang out with some of the best Brewmasters in the Country in Gary Lohin and Graham With from Central City Brewers & Distillers and Parallel 49 Brewing.  My favourite beer of the night had to be the special VCBW release from Parallel 49 Brewing called “187 on a Motha Fuk’n Hop Imperial IPA”.  This beer was so popular during VCBW that there is talks of making a bomber version of the IPA.

Click here to find full sized photos from the event

Thanks Butcher and Bullock for hosting a wonderful event!  Service may have started a bit slow but that it totally expected on a big event like this and things started running smoothly pretty quickly!

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