Postmark Brewing (Opening) – Vancouver

Back on May 9th I stopped by a new brewery named Postmark Brewing located in Railtown for a quick visit (check it out).  This is quite the up and coming neighborhood even if it is close to a not so nice area.  What better way to solidify a new image for an area than to build a great new brewery and attract crafty people?  On June 17th Bloggers and Press were invited out to check out the new brewery and taste the first two of their beer.  One beer was part of their 4 standard beers and is a Red IPA and the other is their first seasonal a Saison.  Both beers were great but I will be going back for more of the Red IPA sooner!  I once again got a look around the brewery now that all the glycol lines are in and everything is up and running.  The last time I was here the tanks were in place but they did not have them hooked up.  Besides the fact that the building that holds the brewery has a kitchen and urban winery withing its walls the real show stopper is the growler station.  Located at the front door you walk up to a window where they have 12 beer guns.  Each beer offered will fill off of two guns meaning that they can fill two of any beer at one time.  Two will fill right off of bright tanks and will be their flagship beers while the other four options will be filled off of kegs and will be able to be more transient.  For the most part the fermentors here will be crafting their 4 standard beers but fear not was the Brewmaster has one tank that is dedicated to creating one off brews.

Even more exciting than the Growler Station though is the fact that this brewery opens to the public tomorrow!  That is right they open June 18th, 2014!  So grab a few growlers of Boston rounds and rush there asap (once they open for the day that is!).

Full Sized photos can be found here

Postmark Brewing
55 Dunlevy Ave
Vancouver, BC
V6A 3A3

3 comments on “Postmark Brewing (Opening) – Vancouver

  1. I was there too yesterday — pretty impressed with the beer and the location in the settlement building.

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