Casks 4 A Cause – New Westminster BC

On June 14th, 2014 Frankie G’s Pub in Queensborough, New Westminster held a Cask 4 A Cause event.  The proceeds of the event went to BC Children’s Hospital.  Breweries Donated Casks, food was donated and lots of Silent Auction prizes were also donated.  The event started at 1pm and ran until 6pm and cost $25 plus the cost of extra tickets for tasting.


The event took place in the parking lot of the pub with lots of tables set up and casks all around.  The weather was not great as it was raining and misting most of the day but we all know a little rain does not get in the way of supporting a cause and drinking craft beer.

The Breweries at the event included:

Red Truck Beer – India Session Ale
Dead Frog Brewery – Buckwheat Belgium Ale
Howe Sound Brewing – 5 Alive
Driftwood Brewery – Twenty Pounder Double IPA
Mission Springs Brewing – IPA (Fresh hopped with Nugget Hops)
Bomber Brewing – IPA (Dry hopped with Chinook and Cascade hops)
Steel and Oak Brewing – Smoked Hefeweizen
Townsite Brewing Westview Wheat
Bridge Brewing – Kentucky Bourbon Oak Pale Ale
Stanley Park Brewery – Summer Pale Ale
Moon Under Water – Raspberry Berliner Weiss
Fuggles and Warlock Craftworks – Red Rye Saison
Merridale Cider Co – Hip Hop Cider
Steamworks Brewing – Golden Ale
Parallel 49 Brewing – Wild Ride Ale
Whistler Brewing – Tropical Fruit Punch IPA
Scandal Brewing – Orange Bock
Big Ridge Brewing – CDA
Central City Brewers & Distillers – Prevale
Desert Hills Winery – Gerwarztraminer
Desert Hills Winery – Rose

As a volunteer for the event I showed up early at around 11:30am to help setup as much as I could.  If you know the Camra South Fraser Crew and many of the members of Camra Vancouver then you knew the people behind the scenes.

Once the setup was finished the doors opened and people started to trickle in.  Calvin Basran of Franie G’s Pub wanted there to be judges for the casks with trophies for the winners.  I was asked to be one of the judges with Kevin Wood of This Sandwich, That Beer and three certified beer judges.  The beers were spit up so that one group of three and the other group of two only sampled and judged half of the beer.  Once the top three beer from each group were determined we had all six beers poured so we could decide best of show.  We Deliberated and came up with the best beer of the day.

Once the judging was done the judges were free to enjoy the cask festival and mingle with all of the other guests and possibly try all the other beers that were not sampled by that particular judge.  There was even a DJ and a band entertaining the people.  As a good friend with Camra South Fraser Executives I also volunteered to pour at the cask festival.  Once I had a snack I started pouring and making new acquaintances.  As it approached 6pm everyone was asked to come towards the stage to hear the winners of the cask off.

Best Of Show
Driftwood Brewery – Twenty Pounder Double IPA

Peoples Choice
Moon Under Water – Raspberry Berliner Weiss

Honorable Mentions
2nd Place – Stanley Park Brewing – Pale Ale
3rd Place – Red Truck Beer – India Session Ale

Once the Cask event ended at 6pm everyone was invited to come inside the pub and enjoy a rocking after party with another live band.  The remaining cask beer was now served in 20 oz pints.  The after party was a ton of fun although I think I might have enjoyed myself a bit to much if you catch my drift.

I would like to thank Camra South Fraser and Frankie G’s Pub for inviting me out to take part in this amazing fundraiser.  I had a ton of fun and even left with a bunch of BC Lions Tickets and an autographed BC Lions hat from the Silent Auction!  The best part of the evening though was to find out that the fundraiser had managed to raise a rather large amount of money.  For a rainy day I was very pleased with the amount of money raised!

Full sized photos can be found here


Frankie G’s Pub
305 Ewen Ave, New Westminster, BC V3M 5B4

(604) 515-1678

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