Hop Therapy Double IPA – Rough Draft Brewing Company

From Rough Draft Brewing Company out of San Diego California comes their “Hop Therapy Double IPA”.  The double India Pale Ale pours a deep copper colour with a tan head.  The aroma consists of floral hops, pine, sweet malts and citrus.  The flavour is of pine, resin, caramel malts, citrus and a big hops bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 9% with a big bitterness of 94 IBU.  This may not be the most balanced double IPA but it is very tasty and well worth a pickup if you can find a bomber of it!



6 comments on “Hop Therapy Double IPA – Rough Draft Brewing Company

  1. marvelmvs says:

    Love this one so much. Rough Draft is very close to me so I enjoy their beers regularly. They also do some really tasty regular IPAs.

    • I will make sure to look out for their beer next time I am in Washington or next time I come across it. This bottle was acquired by trade so I may just get lucky again in the future. I love trying new IPA’s!

  2. marvelmvs says:

    I know you don’t consider this “well balanced” but this is actually quite dark for a San Diego Double IPA. The hops are pretty common for the style but it is still in the middle of the dark spectrum compared to some of my favorite lighter double IPAs that focus almost exclusively on the hops.

    • not being balanced and not tasting good are two very different things for sure. This was a very tasty double IPA and I would drink it any time I got my hands on a bottle. I just would not say that the hops and malts were balanced. If this is regarded as a bad thing then it was not meant that way at all. Then again that is the fun of writing about things such as beer it is so bloody subjective! Thanks for commenting.

      • marvelmvs says:

        Understood. What I was trying to say was that on the scale from balanced to pliny the younger this is still quite in the middle because of the heavy malt background. Though it does a great job of promoting the hop flavors it isn’t as much of an intense light-colored hop bomb as say pliny the younger from Russian River, Green Bullet from Green Flash, or Dorado Double IPA from Ballast Point

  3. Never had younger so I can’t comment there but yes you are totally correct that it is more balanced than those ones to be sure. Let’s say it’s lower on the unbalanced scale.

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