Moody Ales Tasting and Marketing Focus Group

Recently I had the opportunity to taste some of the potential starting lineup for the upcoming Moody Ales, which will be opening in Port Moody late summer/early fall.  This was part of a focus group being held on the bottle design and naming conventions for the new brewery.  It was a lot of fun getting to see all of the potential ways labelling and bottle design can be put together and all of the decisions that can go into it as well.  I also got to hang out with Adam and Dan, who are starting up the brewery, and talk about beer, beer styles, marketing and pizza.

To start with, the beers that will potentially be the first out the door for Moody Ales have good variety, good flavours and good marketing.  Adam and Dan are obviously passionate about this new venture and have put a lot of thought into it.  Their idea to begin with a good variety of styles is something I personally like.  A smoked porter, kolsch and summer ale all could be on the starting roster, as could a pale ale and a chocolate stout.  While nothing is set in stone and all of those could be changed out for another style I like that they are not catering to just the IPA market or just starting with just one or two styles.  There is such a wide range of styles and flavours for beer and starting with a variety for styles, several of which are less common, will, I think, make Moody Ales stand out in the market.

I got the chance to taste several of the beers, homebrewed versions as no equipment had been moved into the brewery yet, and these guys know their beer.  All were excellent and the smoked porter in particular was amazing.  Normally I would associate that style with winter and cold weather but we were tasting on a hot day in a hot room and the subtlety of the beer actually worked in a summer setting.  I could see pulling it out around Christmas time as well to warm up a snowy night.  Bringing a kolsch in is also something I like.  Kolsch has been so overlooked and, in the IPA crazy market of today seeing a nice, subtle, calm and simple style like this is so refreshing.  Moody Ales brings a nice subtle complexity to this style with a lot of flavour and great carbonation.  I will be doing full reviews on all of Moody Ales offerings once they open and I can taste their production beers.

I will not comment too much on the potential bottle designs as nothing has been finalized that I know about.  I will only say that a lot of thought has gone into all of the possible designs and all of them are eye-catching and fun.  The art I saw was fun and gave a really good idea of the personalities behind the brewery.

I am really excited for Moody Ales to open and start selling beer.  I expect great things and everything I have seen so far bears that out.

Check them out here:

4 comments on “Moody Ales Tasting and Marketing Focus Group

  1. Sounds like it was a great time Steve! I wish I could have made it out to this also but it just didn’t work out.

  2. Adam Seguin says:

    Smoked Porters can be such a great beer when the right amount of smoke flavour comes through. That’s so cool that they are starting off with an adventurous beer like this in their lineup.

    • I am usually more miss than hit with smoked beer but my fingers are crossed. Steel & Oak Brewing That opened here in New Westminster recently launched with a Smoked Hefeweizen and it was just perfect and insanely popular.

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