Strange Fellows Brewing (Progress Report #4) – East Vancouver

I noticed a new post on Strange Fellows blog that told that they have started to receive their tanks.  I happened to have a short time to stop in and take a peak at the progress once again at the brewery.  I stumbled upon an unannounced final cleansing ceremony by the lead guy from the first cleansing ceremony.  I partook in what was left of the ceremony before I was given a quick tour by Aaron of what is happening at the brewery.  I didn’t stick around very long as they were really busy but I did get access to the construction progress.  The brew house itself is still on route but all of the glycol systems still need to be installed.

It is starting to really take shape at the brewery now and I can not wait until the beer finally starts to brew!  This was a huge step along the way!

Check out full sized photos here

If you want to keep up with their construction keep it locked here.  If you want even more coverage check out the breweries Web Cam, blog, instagram for the latest info!

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