Central City Brewing and Elysian Brewing – Collaboration Brew I-5 Amarillo Ale

A collaboration brew between Surrey, BC’s Central City Brewing and Seattle, WA’s Elysian Brewing we are given the I-5 Amarillo Ale.

We drink first with our eyes so the look of the beer is important.  It has to catch our eye and make us want to drink it.  The I-5 has a nice orange-amber hue and thick, off-white head.  Clear, with a little light carbonation showing the little bright orange highlights that come out when held to the light really draw you into this beer.

Heavily citrus on the nose, you can smell sweet oranges, like Valencia or mandarin oranges and something a little more uncommon, maybe pomello.  Some nice spice notes come off of this beer as well.  A touch of cinnamon and coriander, maybe more that I cannot pick out.

The taste brings in the malt flavours to compliment the citrus and spice.  A smooth and light mouthfeel delivers a slightly sour note under the sweet malt sugars.  The light bitterness from the hops melts right into the sweetness of the citrus.  This is a nice mix of flavours and makes for a nice sipping pint.

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