Whistler Brewing Company – Whistler BC

Craft Beer is everywhere in BC and Whistler is no different.  Whistler Brewing is located in the Function Junction neighborhood of Whistler.  There was a time when the brewery was Alberta owned by a bigger brewery but it has been locally purchased and the entire operation is now located back in Whistler.  The brewery is located in a commercial district with lots of warehouses (I didn’t realize this area existed).


When you arrive at the brewery you are welcomed by a nice taproom with some hot food options, merchandise area and a cold beer store.  You can sit down and have a glass or two of beer or try samples of their beer.  You can even fill a growler to go.

For around $15  you can do a tour of the brewery which includes 4 samples of their beer.  Three samples are predetermined and the last one your choose after the tour back in the tasting room.  It is a very informative tour especially for people that do not know the brewing process and industry as well as I do.  I recommend taking the tour next time you are in Whistler if you want to learn more about beer.  I was surprised and happy to hear that all beer production was moved back to Whistler and also surprised at how small the brewery was.

I would like to thank the Staff at Whistler Brewing for all the hospitality.  The brewery is well run and is making some tasty beer and is well worth a trip if you happen to be heading to Whistler be it for a weekend, hiking or skiing.


Check out full sized photos here

Whistler Brewing Company

1045 Millar Creek Rd, Whistler, BC V0N 1B1

(604) 962-8889



3 comments on “Whistler Brewing Company – Whistler BC

  1. terryhickey says:

    Were they brewing Chestnut Brown yet?

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