Strange Fellows Brewing (Progress Report #5) – East Vancouver

As things pick up at Strange Fellows Brewing it makes it worth stopping in for a few more visits.  The cooler is now all framed up and it looks like most of the mechanical has been hooked up now.  The brewhouse has not arrived but the fermentors and bright tanks are being installed and glycol is being hooked up as we speak.  The first batch of barrels have made their way into the barrel room just waiting for the first batch of beer to grace their walls.  Check out the progress of the brewery.

Things really are coming along and it is looking really good inside the space.  With an opening date in December things will really be heating up soon!  The one part that really has people intrigued is the tasting room and what is happening there.  This is going to be one cool tasting room once it is finished.


If you follow down you will find a photo of the tasting room.




tasting room black

This is what the tasting room looks like right now at night.

In all seriousness Iain and Aaron at Strange Fellows have asked me and the odd other blogger that have had access to the construction project to not post photos of the tasting room.  They are really proud of their plans for the space and want it to stay a surprise.  I have no interest in ruining the surprise for the general public either and their is no chance in heck that I will hurt my ability to visit this space.  So from now on all updates will be missing photos that pertain to the tasting room.

Full sized photos

If you want to keep up with their construction keep it locked here.  If you want even more coverage check out the breweries Web Cam, blog, instagram for the latest info!

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