Powell Street Craft Brewery – Vancouver

On December 15, 2012 Powell Street Craft Brewery opened their doors on Powell Street in East Vancouver.  They were such a success that they could never keep their beer in stock.  Months back they realized they needed to move to a new bigger location.  Luckily they found one about a dozen blocks West of the old location.  If you are reading this blog post then you should rush over to the new location as it is now OPEN!  The address is 1357 Powell Street and is a huge step up from the old location!  This is no longer the Nano Brewery of old but a full out Micro Brewery!

Starting in the tasting room is a large room with lots of tables and chairs.  The bar has one side to fill growlers and one side to pick up glasses of beer for consumption on site which should cut down on the old lineup issues.  I love the fact that they have not lost the gallery space either.

Knowing the old space really well I was blown away when I saw the brewery!  It is huge compared to the old location.  Talking to David they have already made more beer in this location than they ever did at the old location.  This should really help getting their beer out to more locations be it kegs and bottles.  It was great to see some barrels on site with some already full of beer.  The brewery has two coolers one for all of their kegs and bottles for sale off site and the original cooler from the old space that acts as a walk in fridge for the tasting rooms tap lines.

I am very excited that Powell Street Craft Brewery has moved and expanded and I look forward to what the future brings to this great brewery!  Keep up the great work guys.

Full Sized photos found here

1357 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC

3 comments on “Powell Street Craft Brewery – Vancouver

  1. thebeerrater says:

    Looks pretty sexy in there

  2. Mike says:

    Click here for full list of BC Breweries


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