Moa Longtable Dinner

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Moa Longtable Dinner at the Pumphouse in Richmond.  It was a great event and I want to give a special thanks to Executive Chef Daniela Iaci who did an amazing job creating gluten free options for my wife on the fly.

This was a really fun event; a large section of the restaurant was put aside for it with, appropriately, long tables so large groups of people sit together and get to know each other.  5 courses are paired with 5 different beers, which would be fantastic as an event on its own, but the really great part was that we were given a good amount of time between each course to discuss the food, the beer and the pairing.

The hosts for the night made sure everyone was happy, kept everyone informed about the food and beer but managed to avoid being intrusive.

We were served Moa Methode paired with Sockeye Salmon and Bouillabaise for the first course, Moa Blanc Evolution paired with a Colombian Fritter for the second course, Moa Pale Ale paired with Sausage and Pretzel for the third course, Moa St Josephs paired with a Farmhouse Pizza for the fourth course and Moa Southern Alps paired with Citrus Tiramisu.  Each course was delicious and excellently paired with it’s beer.

This is a great event, full of socializing, fun and beer.  This is also a great opportunity to try beer and food pairings which could inspire you to look at pairings differently.  I definitely want to go to more of these events.

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