Dageraad – Blonde






Burnaby BC’s brand new Dageraad Brewing we have Dageraad Blonde, a Belgian-style Blonde.

Nicely cloudy and straw coloured, showing no carbonation, though I think that is more because it is cloudy than an actual lack of bubbles.

Light on the nose, there is some nice malt there almost like smelling the dry, whole malt before brewing begins.  A little light funkiness that probably comes from the Belgian yeast.

The flavours are very nice, all of them are light but there are a lot of things at play and the all get a chance to stand out.  That first sip tells you that this really is Belgian-style beer with a really nice funkiness, almost like a goat cheese funk with hints of gruyere from that nice Belgian yeast.  A light sweetness works well with a celery astringency balancing it out.  A nice nuttiness goes through everything.  There is a little light tropical fruit on the finish.  Under all of this is a little champagne taste.  It sound like a lot and I think there is more to be found in this beer but it all balances and plays together so well.


Probably more of a spring/summer beer, I could see myself drinking this year round, probably paired with a charcuterie plate.



2 comments on “Dageraad – Blonde

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  2. […] Dageraad Blonde (Dageraad Brewing) 2: Saison #7 (Main Street Brewing Company) 3: Old Barn Saison (Fernie Brewing […]

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