Strange Fellows Brewing (Progress Report #6) – East Vancouver

Well things are picking up a bit for steam at Strange Fellows right now!  A new paint job has begun to spruce up the look of the outside of the brewery already!


I still can not talk about the tasting room at this point.  I can tell you though that the brewhouse has arrived and is in place.  I don’t think that it is fully hooked up yet at this point but this is the real proof that things are coming to a close on the build out.  Iain will still have to clean the brewhouse and all tanks before they can brew their first batch of beer but I think in the next three weeks there may be beer in tanks in some form.  Inside the cooler you will also find the serving tanks that will feed the tasting room and growler fills.

I don’t know about you but I am getting very excited for this brewery to open and then a year down the road when some of Iain’s sour beers start to flow out of the taps!

If you want to keep up with their construction keep it locked here.  If you want even more coverage check out the breweries Web Cam, blog, instagram for the latest info!

2 comments on “Strange Fellows Brewing (Progress Report #6) – East Vancouver

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