Bomber Brewing and Stone Brewing Collaboration Beer

Unless you have had your head in the sand you know that Stone Brewing out of Escondido California is currently launching its beers in BC and Alberta.  One thing that was not made public though was that Stone Brewing would be doing a collaboration with local Vancouver brewery Bomber Brewing.

stone bomber-logo-hires

I was lucky enough to get invited over to Bomber on October 21st, 2014 to take in the brew day.  Steve Gonzalez small batch manager from Stone Brewing brewed with Blair Calibaba head brewer at Bomber Brewing with help from the Bomber Brewing Crew.  The beer that they created is a Red Rye IPA and the beer looked amazing!  There was a truck load of malt in this brew especially with the added Rye.

Once the beer has fermented and is ready it will be available in both Bombers and on tap at the tasting room and select pubs.  I saw a sample of the label for this collaboration and it looks fantastic!  It brings together Stone Brewing and Bomber Brewing’s styles perfectly.  Keep your eyes peeled for the release date in the not to distant future. From what I understand the beer will be called “Blood From A Stone” but that could change.

On top of the brewing collaboration Bomber brought out their hockey sticks and net.  Bomber brewing was born out of a beer league hockey team and all.  It was time for a few Americans to take their very first shot at hockey.  It was quite humorous.

Find full sized photos here


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  1. […] local Vancouver brewery Bomber Brewing.  I was lucky enough to get the invite to the brew day (Click here to read about the brew day).  The beer was called “Blood From A Stone: Red Rye IPA” and brings together […]

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