Seraph (Central City Distillery) Launch – Guilt & Co

Central City Brewers and Distillers are well known for their lineup of beer “Red Racer” (or Red Betty in the USA).  On October 22, 2014 their new lineup of products launched.

Seraph launch-002

Seraph is their lineup of Spirits and has launched with a Gin and Vodka.  Whiskey will arrive in a few more years as in Canada it must be aged for a minimum of 5 years.  The launch of this product has been held up due to issues with the Liquor board though.  According to the Government this is not Craft Spirits due to the fact with their Betty’s Vodka Iced Tea product they have to large a volume to qualify.  Luckily the Government may be confused but consumers like you will be able to tell this is a high end craft product.  The Launch event was held at Guilt & Co in Gastown which is below street level.  The launch felt a little underground due to its small size (Excuse the pun) but that made it very intimate.  Samples of two different cocktails were being served one using their Vodka and one using their Gin.  The one using Vodka was known as a Lavender Lemonade while the Gin cocktail was known as a Starfish and was almost like a grapefruit creamsicle.  There was also a judged cocktail competition with 4 contestants and 3 judges (Gary Lohin being one of the Gudges).  The winning cocktail was available for samples at the end of the event.

Full sized photos can be found here

Both these products should be in store soon if it has not already been placed on shelves.  Ask your favourite liquor store to bring it in!  Central City is well known for crafting very exciting beer so it only makes sense that when they stepped into spirits it would be top notch.

Slogan on bottle:  Single Batch, Single Malt

4 comments on “Seraph (Central City Distillery) Launch – Guilt & Co

  1. terryhickey says:

    Excited for their Whiskey in a few years, did you get a chance to try the gin or vokda neat?

    • We did get to try it neat. We asked for small samples of both and got full shot glasses. Lol. Not being a spirits guy both were to much neat. People that enjoy spirits liked them though. The cocktails were tasty though.

      • terryhickey says:

        Vodka, not my favourite neat however gin can be pretty interesting. I guess they are going after the martini market if anything I wish them well.

  2. No idea on that. I don’t drink those either. Lol.

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