Mystery Gift Holiday Countdown Launch at Craft Beer Market – Vancouver

Everyone remembers their chocolate advent calendars from their childhood but why should kids have all the fun?  Two of the biggest craft breweries in BC have come together to create the ultimate Adult Advent Calendar in East Vancouver’s Parallel 49 and Surrey’s Central City Brewers & Distillers.  It’s called the Mystery Gift Holiday Countdown ’24 Days of Exciting Surprises’.  The pack is a mix of Parallel 49 and Central City brews with at least two tricks up its sleeve.


To celebrate the launch of this exciting product both breweries came together and hosted an invite only party at Craft Beer Market in the Olympic Village in Vancouver.  The lucky people that attended the event were able to sample two unique beer that will be showing up in this advent calendar.  Both are collaboration beers one brewed at Central City’s brewery and one brewed at Parallel 49’s facility.

MysteryGiftCCP49-003 MysteryGiftCCP49-006  MysteryGiftCCP49-004

Brewed at Parallel 49 Brewing was the “Schwarzward Porter” a black forest cake porter that was quite delicious.  At Central City the “Dubbel Trubbel Belgian” was created by adding rum soaked raisins to a Belgian Dubbel.

At the event they had one of the Mystery Gift packs on display and it looks awesome.  Not only does it look like a wrapped Christmas present but on the top of the box there is a numbered perforated door for each days beer.  On the top of the box it also has a tag in the design so you can give it as a gift!


The entire crew from both breweries were on hand and chatted with the people in attendance about the product.  It is very apparent that both breweries are very excited about this product and can not wait for it to be December 1st!

This product will sell very fast so it is in your best interest to head to your local BC Liquor Store of your favourite private liquor store asap!

Click this link to find it at BC Liquor Stores near you

Here are a few closeup shots of the box for your enjoyment.  Yes mine does say From: Mike To: Mike!

Here are the full sized photos.

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