12 Reasons Why You Should Drink Beer Over The Holidays (By Vern Lambourne)

Every year we dread having to go shopping for the holiday season as it is just insane. We also dread some of the other parts of the Christmas/Holiday season as well. Well Vern Lambourne the Brewmaster at Granville Island Brewing has written a list of the ” 12 Reasons Why You Should Drink Beer Over The Holidays”. Looking over the list I personally I felt most of the list resonated fairly well with me personally. With that said I present to you his list!

12 Reasons Why You Should Drink Beer Over The Holidays

1. To make shopping marathons more bearable
Long line-ups and endless searches to find the perfect gift are inevitable during the holiday season, but shopping pain doesn’t have to be. Treat yourself to a lunch brew or two to break up the day, and make the mall marathon more tolerable.
2. To put up with your annoying relatives
You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. Although we all love our kooky clans, there’s nothing like a beer remedy to increase your tolerance for these inescapable awkward encounters.
3. To flush out those heavy holiday meals
Beer, especially dark beer, like Barley Wine, contains fibre. After countless servings of turkey, potatoes and stuffing, you’ll be grateful to have counteracted those holiday helpings with a beverage that will keep you regular and absorb feast fats.
4. To deal with your in-laws
Enough said.
5. To help you sleep during the cold winter months
Beer hops contain chemical properties that promote the zzzs. Drink a hoppy beer at dinner to help you snooze throughout those cool Canadian nights.
6. To cheers to the end of a perfect day on the slopes
The robust flavour of winter warm beers, like Lions Winter Ale, are the perfect pairing to winter escapades. Come in from the cold and celebrate the best winter has to offer.
7. To act as your plus one
Whether it’s a work holiday party or a New Years Eve bash, a roasty bottle of beer is the ideal stand-in for an actual date. Already have a plus one? Grab two beers and make it a double date.
8. To keep you hoppy and healthy for the holidays
Hops contained in beer contain antiviral properties that fight against cold-like symptoms in adults. Though we don’t recommend using alcohol as a primary medicinal source, we beer lovers can dream.
9. To prove that you’re a knowledgeable holiday host
Impress your guests by pairing a delicious Honey Smoked Scallop and Bacon Chowder with a hearty Lions Winter Ale, or a smooth Pot de Crème with a rich Chocolate Imperial Stout.
10. To implement your best Saint Nick impression
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry…
11. To spread the holiday cheer(s)
Beer is the quintessential social beverage. Drink a few beers, share a few laughs and cheers to lasting memories this holiday season.
12. To save up for the next holiday season
After all the gift exchanges and elaborate holiday events, you’ll surely search for ways to make extra cash in the new year. Return your empties to the Granville Island Brewing retail store and receive 10 cents for each GIB recycled bottle/can. After a holiday season of beer drinking, it will be the gift that keeps on giving…

Well there you have it. Does this list resonate with you at all over the holiday season? I would love to hear what my followers have to say on this topic!


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