Randonneur Saison – Dageraad Brewing

Seasonal Release

From Dageraad Brewing out of Burnaby BC comes their “Randonneur Saison”.  This is an unfiltered beer that is refermented in the bottle.  The beer pours a cloudy golden with a white head.  The aroma consists of Belgian yeast, sweet citrus some spices and floral notes.  The flavour is of fruity citrus, Belgian yeast, citrus rind, citrus, wheat and some spices.  The alcohol content comes in at 6.4%.  This was a very well crafted traditional saison.  I would drink this fairly often.

Commercial Description: The second release in Dageraad’s Single Batch Series, Randonneur Saison was created in the tradition of farmhouse ales brewed for farm labourers during harvest season in northern France and Wallonia. Peppery and hoppy, effervescent and bone-dry, Randonneur Saison refreshes after cycling through the autumnal countryside or harvesting produce in your own garden.  Randonneur is fermented with a French Saison yeast and bottle conditioned for natural carbonation, and an extra layer of complexity.

Food pairing as per the brewery:  Saison is a classic food pairing style suited to complement almost any meal. Randonneur Saison’s peppery and lemony notes make it a perfect companion for seafood or salads. Its palate-scrubbing effervescence allow it to hold its own against stinky cheeses and fried food.


2 comments on “Randonneur Saison – Dageraad Brewing

  1. Yeah, Ben nailed this one.

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