Belgian Style Wheat Ale – Red Racer Brewing (Dec 4, 2014)

Beer Advent Calendar 2014

From Red Racer Brewing (Central City Brewing) out of Surrey BC comes there “Belgian Style Wheat Ale”.  The beer pours a lightly cloudy straw yellow colour with a big white head.  The aroma consists of big citrus, yeast, coriander, orange peel and wheat.  The flavour is of citrus, orange, orange peel, coriander, wheat and some hops bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 5% with an IBU of 16.  This beer does not scream Belgian at all but it is a good wheat beer or White Ale and would be a great option for Summer drinking.

Commercial Description:  Traditionally cloudy, our Belgian style Red Racer White Ale is brewed with coriander seed and dried orange peel producing a beer light in body with a refreshing citrus-spice aroma.

Mystery Gift Holiday Countdown 2014

IMG_20141204_173429_edit IMG_20141204_074358_edit

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