Dubbel Trubbel Rum & Raisin Belgian Dubbel – Central City Brewing (Dec 24, 2014)

Beer Advent Calendar 2014

The last beer in the Mystery Gift Holiday Countdown Craft Beer Advent Calendar was a collaboration between Parallel 49 Brewing and Central City Brewers & Distillers.  This collaboration was brewed at Central City Brewers & Distillers (Red Racer Brewing) and was a “Dubbel Trubbel Rum & Raisin Belgian Dubbel”.  The beer pours a brown colour with very minimal head.  The aroma consists of rum, raisins, malts, sweet sugar and an earthy finish.  The flavour is of rum, raisins, dark fruit, chocolate, malts, semi sweet and some earthy finish.  The alcohol content came in at 6.5%.  I was happy to find this collaboration to be a very tasty and interesting beer.  The rum and raisins really added a nice touch to this one.

Mystery Gift Holiday Countdown 2014

IMG_20141228_231105 IMG_20141228_140826

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