Moody Ales – Affable IPA


Affable is a great description of the Moody Ales IPA and it is a great representation of BC’s Lower Mainland.

A warm orange colour with a snowy white head of fine bubbles with medium longevity, this looks like the beer you see in movies when people get together for a few pints and good conversation.

The nose immediately brings to mind orange blossoms and cream.  There is a slightly resinous undertone and leaves an impression of sweetness on the nose.

Flavour-wise … it is so good  to taste a properly balanced IPA.  The hops are there, bitter, piney and herbaceous but they are not a punch in the face and the orange citrus from the hops mixes with the sweetness of the barley to deliver on the promise of the nose with a creamy orange flavour.  There is a good alcohol warmth as the beer hits the throat and maybe a bit of bourbon and vanilla.  The mouthfeel is polished, it feels almost like a polished stone sliding across the tongue and the carbonation is slightly astringent but fine and passes easily through the mouth.

While choosing a favourite brewery is hard, this is definitely my favourite IPA.  Balanced and full of flavour this really showcases what hops can do when paired judiciously with good malt, yeast and ABV.  I would pair this with a salad of bitter greens or a simply spiced steak.

2 comments on “Moody Ales – Affable IPA

  1. Amy Higgins says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I LOVE this beer! Totally crushable!

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