Border Porter – White Rock Beach Beer Company


The White Rock Beach Beer Company’s seasonal offering is their Border Porter, a Baltic style porter.

This has the look I expect from a Baltic Porter, dark to the point of opacity, held up to a light light only makes it through the narrow part of the glass at the bottom.  The head doesn’t stick around for long but has a nice brown colour.

The nose has a light, fruity sweetness reminiscent of cherries over cocoa with a bit of yeastiness and a promise of a dry taste.

The flavours have a dark caramel bass line with cocoa running through the low treble.  Occasional fruit notes punctuate the taste and nice dry bite.  A little bit of biscuit flavour creeps in occasionally.

I think a nice charcuterie plate or well sauced ribs would make a good pairing for this beer.


3 comments on “Border Porter – White Rock Beach Beer Company

  1. Jeremy says:

    Can’t believe I’ve never heard of these guys until now. Thanks for reviewing their seasonal. Now I know to head over there when I’m next in White Rock.

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