Moody Ales – Smouldering Smoked Porter

Moody Ales from Port Moody BC has a new batch of their Smouldering Smoked Porter.

Opaque, black.  Flat out black that lets no light through at all with a dark brown head, almost cola coloured, of coarse bubbles.

I feel like I am sitting by a campfire as soon as my nose gets close to the glass, the nose is full of wood smoke.  After a few moments I find notes of unburned beechwood underneath along with a clean malt aroma.

The flavours are exactly what I want in a smoked porter.  There is an up front bitterness that comes more from the smoked malt that reminds me of char from a barbecue (think the grill marks on a steak).  Along with the bitter is great smoke flavour that makes you think of bacon in a skillet over a fire.  There is a sweet bass note that runs under everything that actually makes me think of candied bacon and wood aromas, maybe cedar, and balances against the bitter smoke really well.  The carbonation is a bit rough, which fits the profile of the beer very well. The mouthfeel is surprisingly light for such a dark beer, don’t expect a beer you could eat with a fork.

I love this beer.  The flavours are layered and complimentary, nothing is too overwhelming.  It is complex in a good way.image1 (1)

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