Singularity 2015 – Driftwood Brewing

Victoria’s Driftwood Brewing releases a very limited release Russian Imperial Stout every year in the depths of winter.  This beer is called “Singularity 2015” and is much more approachable this year much like the winter in BC.  The beer pours a dark opaque brown that almost passes for black with a brown head.  The aroma consists of roasted malts, chocolate, licorice, raisins, vanilla, bourbon and some coffee.  The flavour is of roasted malts, burnt coffee, chocolate, toffee, dark fruits, vanilla, bourbon, oak and a mild booze note to finish it all off.  The alcohol content comes in at 12.2% although it would probably pass for a much lighter 7-8% with this batch.  This years batch seems to be much lighter on the Bourbon notes which help to make it much more approachable than previous years.  This may not be to some of the biggest fans of this beers liking but it hit the spot for me as it is amazing fresh and does not need to be aged to enjoy.  Don’t get me wrong this beer will probably age epically but it does not need it to be great.  I have only one complaint with this beer this vintage.  Why did you guys (Driftwood) make an already hard to read label even more difficult to read and photograph?

IMG_20150228_225325 IMG_20150228_230845


2 comments on “Singularity 2015 – Driftwood Brewing

  1. I am a big fan of the huge bourbon flavours of years past, but this year’s version sure is good right off the shelf. It still has quite a bourbon-y finish, too.
    The label is absolutely absurd, though. Why?

    • I found previous versions to be a bit to harsh fresh and had to be left alone for a year or two. This one was great fresh off the shelves. The label is probably the most ridiculous label in beer right now. Lets make it so people cant read our bottle. Because thats a good idea.

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