Vexillum Imperial IPA – Four Winds Brewing Company

Info from Four Winds Brewing “The Zephyrus Series, named after the Greek God of the West Winds is a series of bottle conditioned ales inspired by the hop-heavy brews of our native West Coast. Available periodically/ limited quantities.”

From Four Winds Brewing in Delta comes their latest limited release the “Vexillum Imperial IPA”.  The beer pours an orange colour with an off white head with a ton of bubble suspended in the glass.  The aroma consists of melons, grapefruit and a malty finish.  The flavour is of melons, grapefruit, tropical fruits, caramel, sweetness, earth and a big hops bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 9% with a huge IBU of 100.  The bitterness of this beer is quite apparent but I would not have guessed 100 IBU.  For a hop head like me this beer was exquisite and a must for any Imperial IPA fan!

Commercial Description:  Vexillum, an ancient Imperial Roman symbol for strength and nobility.  This insistently hoppy IPA reveals notes of Grapefruit and Melon while finishing bitter, yet affably balanced.


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  1. Quake says:

    I read that too!

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