Old Abbey Ales – Abbotsford BC

Hearing that a new brewery opened up in Abbotsford (The second of three breweries in Abbotsford) I decided I better go hiking in the Valley so I can get out there.

I had this view for a full 40 minutes with not a soul up there!

I hope this photo will entire Vancouverites to head out to the valley for beer!  Old Abbey Ales is located just off the Trans Canada Highway on Fraser Highway so it is very easy to access.  When you arrive you will find the entrance to the taring room (to be a lounge in the future).


Once you walk into the brewery you will find the tasting room.  There is a good sized bar where you order beer and fill growlers.  They also have a few tables to stand at and enjoy your beer.  Once their first batch of bottles is finished bottle conditioning they also have a cooler for them.

Currently the brewery is not doing tours but I got really lucky and the owner was their and was happy to give me a personal tour of the brewery.  The brewery currently is based in two different rooms.  Once is the brewhouse and tank farm with a second room that has the bottle conditioning room and coolers.  The brewhouse actually has two different brew systems.  The main systems is a 10 barrel brewhouse with 20 barrel fermentors.  This system will do most of the bottled beer that you will find in store.  The other system is a much smaller system that will provide one offs and different pilot brews for the tasting room.  It is helpful that the owner of the brewery sells brew systems and thinks this endeavor will help both sides of his business.

When you leave that room you move onto the cooler where you will find their tanks that feed the taproom.  A second cooler is close by where they hold their hops and their casks.

Once out of the cooler I was lead over to check out their bottle conditioning room.  It may not be the prettiest of finishes but it should really do the job of making some great bottle conditioned beers.  When you turn around from that room you will find their grain and bottle storage.

Outside you will even find their grain silos!


I have not even said who the brewmaster of Old Abbey Ales is yet.  If you know Dead Frog Brewery in Aldergrove you may just be familiar with Tony DeWald the brewmaster here.  I expect great things in the future especially with the hope of the brewery to have 15 beer on tap in their tasting room at one time! Head over to the brewery to check out the beers they launched with that include Belgian Single, Blonde Ale, Rye Pale Ale, IPA and a Dark Strong Ale.

Check out the brewery as soon as possible!

Full sized photos can be found here.

Old Abbey Ales
1A – 30321 Fraser Hwy
Abbotsford, BC V4X 1K9
T. 1-844-493-ALES (2537)


4 comments on “Old Abbey Ales – Abbotsford BC

  1. I think a valley growler tour is in my future, certainly enough places out there to make the trip worth it.

  2. […] recently had their first anniversary and things have changed quite a bit since the opening (Check out my original post).  Because of all this change I thought I better do a new […]

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