Elysian Brewing – Manic IPA Series Savant IPA


Before I start the review, I just wanted to mention that the bottle art reminds me of the Librarian in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.  You will be sorely missed, Sir Terry.  Ook.

Seattle’s Elysian Brewing has brought us the Savant IPA as part of their rotating Manic IPA Series.

A beautiful coppery colour with a dense, almost cloudy look to the beer is really nice and shows a good use of malt to add to the IPA.  The head is a nice off-white and has medium sized bubbles and good staying power.

On the nose there is tropical fruit, possibly passion fruit and a surprising lack of bitter hop notes for an IPA.

The nose belies the taste as there is great breadth of hop flavours right away.  I get bitter herb notes, passion fruit and a little bit of pine resin.  The malt flavours are subtle and are used mostly to add balance to the hops rather than highlight the malt.

A nice IPA, not massively over hopped and with good balance, I think this is a food beer and would go really well with a burger with a rich sauce or cheese on it.


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