Audible Ale – Redhook Brewery

From Redhook Brewery in Seattle Washington comes their “Audible Ale” a sessionable pale ale that was made in collaboration with the Dan Patrick show.  Although I cant stand the Dan Patrick show I do love our Local Sports talk station TSN 1040 so I can see the attraction of teaming up with a group like this that talks sports and only sports.  I think this draw to partner with sports shows is a little off base though as Macro is king in the sports world and so is drinking Macro swill excessively.  This beer had me worried from the get go though as it was dubbed as a “Crushable beer”.  I have not looked to crush beer since I was 19 years old give or take a few years (Its been a few since then).  Sadly Sports and crushing beer go hand in hand for to many people.  Lets get to the beer.  The beer pours a light copper colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of very light caramel and some fruity notes but they are hard to pick out.  The flavour is of again very light caramel with some fruity citrus.  The beer comes in at 4.7% with an IBU of 22.  There is nothing wrong with this beer as it is really easy drinking and would be a great beer to sit down to a sports game with.  I more have an issue with its marketing as it is really marketing to the Macro beer crowd and I like to distance myself from them.  The aim should always be to drink for flavour not to drink just to get drunk. But if you are looking for a 6 pack or three to over enjoy during a sports game this is a much better choice than macro.

Commercial Description:  Redhook has teamed up with Dan Patrick to brew the ultimate craft beer for watching sports: plenty of flavor and aroma, and crushable enough to make you want another — without making you sloppy by halftime. So, whether you’re watching the Dan Patrick Show in your mancave, or tailgating in a parking lot, it’s time to fill your passion bucket with crushable craft. Listen to your thirst. It’s Audible.



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