Unsanctioned Saison – Category 12 Brewing

From the new Category 12 Brewing in Victoria comes their “Unsanctioned Saison”.  The beer pours a copper colour with a white head.  The aroma is of wheat, yeast, clove, spices and some fruit notes.  The flavour is of wheat, yeast, citrus rind, clove, spices, fruit and hops bitterness.  The beer comes in at 6.9% alcohol with an IBU of 27.  At 27 IBU I was surprised at the amount of hops bitterness that came through.  For me this was no problem though as I love some bitterness in my beer.

Commercial Description:  Our flavourful Saison is discreetly sessionable. It boasts a crisp body with a dry finish and a bouquet that is distinctly Belgian. Hints of clove and spice, complemented by aromatic hops, make us stand out where it matters most.


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