Minhas Creek Craft Brewing Company – Chocolate Bunny Chocolate Stout

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Happy Easter.

I do not know much about the Minhas Creek Craft Brewing Company of … either Regina, Saskatchewan or Winnipeg, Manitoba but they put out a Bunny Beer Sampler Pack for Easter and I couldn’t resist the gimmick.  I am weak.  There are four beers and I’m going to to try to review one per day of the Easter long weekend.  I know this is going up on Saturday but I started writing on Friday so I’m going to say it counts.

To start off with, it is a nice, dark stout, looking black with no light coming through.  The head is a deep brown with large bubbles.  If you are looking for a stout this looks like a stout.

The scents are heavily of cocoa and, very nicely, the subtle fruity notes that really good cocoa and chocolate can have.  Basically there is chocolate, cherry and blackberries on the notes but there are more complex notes I haven’t been able to tease out yet.

The flavours have a lot going on.  There is, of course, chocolate/cocoa but the predominant taste is actually tart fruit, almost like a gooseberry.  There are some nice coffee flavours underneath and a little milky sweetness.  The mouthfeel is surprisingly thin for a stout with this much flavour with a little tickly carbonation.

5 comments on “Minhas Creek Craft Brewing Company – Chocolate Bunny Chocolate Stout

  1. I’ve had this before, I think I liked it if I remember. I was going to grab one (I didn’t know about the bunny pack) for this past weekend as well, but didn’t make it to the liquor store that carries it.

    • I may also have to pick one up. Steve seems to like it for sure. I want to dig more into it though as this pack in Canada is not attributed to their Calgary brewery but to two shadow breweries in two different Provinces. There does not appear to be facilities in Manitoba and Saskatchewan where it is registered to.

  2. Be careful, last pack of these I bough had 3 expired beers in them, like badly expired (2 year old IPA’s). The chocolate stout was alright, the rest were pure drain pours.

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