Rye-Nheitsge-Bot Rye IPA – Cannery Brewing

From Cannery Brewing Company out of Penticton BC comes their new “Rye-Nheitsge-Bot” Rye IPA. This beer can currently be found in their Cannery Collection and in 6 packs only in the tasting room. The name is a play on the Reinheitsgebot also known as the German Beer Purity Law.  The beer pours a deep copper or golden brown with a tan head.  The aroma consist of rye, earthy hops, pine and a hint of citrus (I have a cold so I may be off on the nose).  The flavour is of big rye malts, caramel, earth, pine and some citrus and a pretty good bitterness.  The alcohol content comes in at 6% with an IBU of 70.  I think the rye might be masking some of the bitterness on this one.  I enjoy rye beer and this one is no exception.  This is a very well crafted rye IPA with a ton of flavour.

Commercial Description:  This Rye IPA comes to you from another time and space or maybe from just down the street. Want to learn a little more about where this name came from, visit here.  This contains enough Rye, Amarillo and Simcoe to please the most outrageous of beer drinking robots!.



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