Fest-Of-Ale Day 2 2015 – Penticton

Day two of the Okanagan Fest-Of-Ale April 11th 2015 brought much less drinking for me.  After being a beer judge for the festival between 10am and around 2pm and judging between 40 and 50 beer (small samples luckily) I was more looking for food and people watching.  Day two of the festival ran from 12 noon to 6pm.

PicMonkey Collage(23)

I think it will be obvious beer wasn’t my first thought with my photo choices as there are more food and people photos than beer.

Luckily for me Kim of DogLeg Marketing was on her photo taking game so I have lots of photos of hers to share (all following photos are Kims).  Once finished judging we had about an hour to grab food and mingle which I spent both finding food and finding my friends.  At 3pm we were to be on stage while they announced the winners of the best beers in all categories.

Best of Each Category:

Ale: Rum Runner Red Ale, Persephone Brewing (Gibsons, B.C.)
Belgian: White Bark Witbier, Driftwood Brewery (Victoria, B.C.)
Cider: Kingston’s Twist, Twisted Hills Craft Cider (Cawston, B.C.)
Fruit Beer: Berried Alive, Longwood Brew Pub (Nanaimo, B.C.)
Hefeweizen: Hey Day Hefeweizen, Granville Island Brewing (Vancouver, B.C.)
IPA: Right Kind of Crazy Double IPA, Powell Street Craft Brewery (Vancouver, B.C.)
Lager/Pilsner: 1516 Bavarian Lager, Okanagan Spring Brewery (Vernon, B.C.)
Other: Super GLongwood Brew Pub (Nanaimo, B.C.)
Pale Ale: Coast Trail Pale Ale, Canuck Empire Brewing (Aldergrove, B.C.)
Stout/Porter: Smoke and Mirrors Imperial Ale, Coal Harbour Brewing (Vancouver, B.C.)

Best Of Show:

Smoke and Mirrors Imperial Ale
, Coal Harbour Brewing (Vancouver, B.C.)

After the awards were given out we all dispersed back into the crowd.  I met up with some friends again for a few samples and some more food.  Day two of the festival has a much younger audience than day one from the looks of things.  Just like last year costumes were everywhere you looked.  There were Pokemon to Batman all around.  I really wish I had taken more photos so I could show some of the costumes that I saw.

The crowd was a bit younger and it was a bit more vocal on day two but like always it seemed that everyone was having a great time!  I did have to laugh at one point when a guy sauntered up to Powell Street Craft Brewery’s tent saying the last beer was trash and to fill his with something better.  Just before taking a sip he said he only drinks bud.  I am not sure why he was even at the festival but he still seemed to be enjoying himself.  I ended up taking my leave of the festival early around 5pm to get ready for the cask event later in the evening.  I thoroughly enjoyed my second go around with the Fest-Of-Ale and look forward to being back in the future!

Here are my photos of Day 2 of the festival.

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