Brewers’ Reception (Fest-Of-Ale) 2015 – Penticton

Every year Cannery Brewing holds a closed after party for people in the brewing industry and organizers of the Fest-Of-Ale.  This year was no different and once again they held a great party!  The Brewers’ Reception takes place on the Friday night after the fist night of the festival (April 10th, 2015).  Don’t bother trying to crash it next year as it is a ticketed event (just a heads up).  It is pretty well known in the local beer scene that Cannery Brewing is in the middle of a move but it was striking how different it looked inside the brewery on this visit (last years party).  Last year the space was filled with all kinds of tanks an other brewing equipment but this time the space was very empty!  Like last year they had some great music that some of the guest were dancing to.  They also had lots of great beer flowing and lots of great food to eat!

I once again had to really be careful at this party as I had to judge beer the next day for the festival (Read about it here).  It would be easy to enjoy yourself a little to much at this party without to much trouble at all.

Here are my full sized photos

Kim of DogLeg Marketing was kind enough to give me her photos to share with everyone also.  The following photos are hers from the Party.

2 comments on “Brewers’ Reception (Fest-Of-Ale) 2015 – Penticton

  1. thebeerrater says:

    Looks like an awesome time! I gotta make it out there next year!

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