Great Okanagan Beer Festival (Beer List Revealed) 2015 – Kelowna

Well it is a week until the Great Okanagan Beer Festival begins on May 9th, 2015 and the official beer list has been revealed (GOBF _ Final Beer List).

Beer Festival

Living in Vancouver I see so many amazing creations in the city that it is hard to believe.  Sadly for most people in the Okanagan most of these beer do not make it up into the Valley.  The following are a few beer that should get the people of the Okanagan excited.

Four Winds Brewing Juxtapose Brett IPA

Not only is Four Winds Brewing not available in the Okanagan but Brett the wild yeast strain added to beer make for a much deeper flavour experience and is a must taste for any adventurous beer drinker.

Check out the review from a fellow blogger West Coast Beer Geek.

Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks Destiny IPA

Originally a very well known Metro Vancouver home brewing duo these two guys have run the gamut lately.  From Home Brewers to Brewers at a local brew pub to contract brewers and now building out their own brewery the story is only building.  Currently brewing out of Dead Frog Brewery you may find their beer in the Okanagan liquor stores although I am not sure.  What I can tell you is that they make awesome style bending beers with a large dose of geek on top.

Check out the review from a fellow blogger Beer Me BC.

Moody Ales Lemon Matcha Saison

My last Metro Vancouver recommendation is Moody Ales.  This is actually a beer that I have yet to try.  This is a beer that is part of their new line of beers aptly named the Guest Tap Series.  This beer was brewed with the Tri-Cities Brew Club.  Not only does Moody Ales have a great tasting room but they also brew some amazing beers and have some really friendly staff.

Check out the press release for this beer Canadian Beer News.

One local Okanagan beer that should be watched for comes from a local Penticton brewery.

Cannery Brewing Rye-Nheitsge-Bot Rye IPA

Not only is this one of the newest beer to be launched in the Okanagan but it has a great flavour profile and an even better logo.  The name is a play on Reinheitsgebot better known around the world as the German Purity Law.

Here is my review Mikescraftbeer

When a brewery and beer pops up that I have never head of I take notice.  One such brewery is Waterloo Brewing and the beer that interests me is the Waterloo IPA.  I have no idea if this is a good beer or a good brewery for that matter.  Being as I have never seen this beer in the province of BC though this is one beer that I will be seeking out in my hunt for new and exciting beer all the time!

I hope to see lots of familiar faces at the Great Okanagan Festival.  If you recognize me please stop me and say hi.

Grab your tickets for the festival here.

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