Ravens Brewing Company – Abbotsford

The Fraser Valley has its newest brewery and it is located in Abbotsford.  Ravens Brewing Company is located near both current breweries in the City and should make for some good customer sharing!


I was lucky enough to arrive just as they opened the doors so I was able to get the tasting room to myself.  Well myself the Head Brewer (Nick Fengler), the owner and the women behind the bar (sorry bad with names).  Sadly I was unlucky in the fact that they had run out of draft beer.  They underestimated the required size of brewery and will be working on increasing capacity as soon as possible.  Still they made it three weeks before selling out the first time and that’s pretty darn good.   I was in luck though as they did still have bombers of their West Coast Pale Ale and their Golden Ale (There will be a Farmhouse Ale soon).  These three beer will be the standard lineup and there will be seasonals coming out as much as possible.  When you walk in the doors you will find a really nicely finished tasting room with tons of wood accents.  There are still finishing touches coming like finishing the sign behind the bar but its all coming together great.

I was also able to get a tour of the brewery although a reduced one as they were running a caustic cleaning cycle in there.  The brewery is currently quite small but they have a new bright tank on order.  I was glad to see that they also have a fairly large warehouse area behind the brewhouse that they will be able to expand into in the future.  They also have a bottling machine on order that should be showing up soon enough.

If you are out in Abbotsford for work or pleasure (maybe hiking) make sure to check out the brewery as you will not be disappointed.

Full sized photos.

Ravens Brewing Company
2485 Townline Road
Abbotsford, BC
V2T 6L5

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