American Pale Ale – Hearthstone Brewery

From Hearthstone Brewery in North Vancouver comes their “American Pale Ale”.  The beer pours an amber colour with an off white head.  The aroma consist of earth, floral hops and citrus.  The flavour is of bitterness up front with earth, caramel, resin, grassy hops, tropical fruit, citrus and citrus rind.  The alcohol content comes in at 4.5% with an IBU of 38.  This is a pretty darn tasty Pale Ale and I look forward to many more cans in the future.

Commercial Description:  Our American Pale Ale does as it should and lets the hops do the talking.  Notes of pine, citrus, tangerine and mangos in and around your mouth.  We brewed this American Pale Ale with our own taste in mind.  Balanced, flavourful, easy to drink.  We hope you feel the same way.  Drink Fresh with Good People.



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