Barkerville Brewing Co – Quesnel

My second stop (In BC) on my road trip took me to Quesnel located in the North Cariboo region of BC. Quesnel is the home of Barkerville Brewing Co. Even though Quesnel is located 86km from the historic town of Barkerville the whole region has a rich gold mining history so the name still makes sense.


Walking into the tasting room you will meet both modern looking art with lots of throwback art to the gold panning era.  My favourite touch is that their tap handles are made to look like dynamite.  I really like their symbol with the mustache and teeth with one gold tooth also. It just oozes old school.


After having a sample of the beer available on tap I was able to get a quick tour of the brewery.  For the amount of beer that I have been able to find in the Vancouver area lately I was very surprised at how small this brewery really was.  For their size they sure are pumping out beer!  With most of their products being released in bottles they now have a lager that is found in 4 packs of cans.  This first batch was canned by West Coast Canning but they do have a canning line on order and it should be there soon.

On the way out of the brewery I picked up a growler fill and a bomber of a new beer.  Reviews to come!

full sized photos here

Barkerville Brewing Co
185 Davie Street, Quesnel

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