Wolf Brewing Co – Nanaimo

My last stop on my biking trip to Nanaimo was Wolf Brewing Co.  The brewery recently took over more space in their building and has installed a tasting room.  They still don’t have a sign hanging over the front door thought so just look for the correct door with some barrels outside.


Walking into the tasting room you will find a nice bar and some tables to enjoy your beer.  You can buy flights of beer but I am pretty sure you are not able to get a glass but I could be wrong.  They had 9 different beer on tap with a 10th sold out.  The brewery has recenlty changed their labels to feature local Vancouver Island artists and they look great!

After trying some of the beer on tap at Wolf Brewing Co I asked to get a tour of the brewery.  I was lucky to get a tour from both the Women running the bar (sorry I forget her name) and then the owner.  The brew house has been upgraded since the brewery increased their space.  They have kept one of the original vessels as it was better suited for making one of their staple beer.  Beside the new house there the fermentors were located with a variety of sizes.  Behind the tanks was the cooler where they housed the bright tanks and kegs and even some of their bombers.

From the staff right down to the customers everyone was great at Wolf Brewing Co.  The beer is really tasty and the tasting room space while not finished is really inviting.  I look forward to my next trip over to Nanaimo whenever it is.  Until then I will just make sure to pick their beer up in Vancouver.

Full sized photos found here

Wolf Brewing Co
940 Old Victoria Road
Nanaimo, BC
+1 (250) 716-2739

Nanaimo Ferry-04

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