Førbidden Brewing – Courtenay

After the Great Canadian Beer Festival in Victoria I took a quick (ok very slow) trip up to Courtenay on Vancouver Island to visit a few breweries. Førbidden Brewing is a Nano Brewery located inside the Westerly Hotel part of the Best Western Chain of Hotels and was my first stop.


This Nano Brewery has a very good sized tasting room with a lounge license.  Like so many other breweries in BC there is a great wood finish to so much of the tasting room.  I think this is the largest tasting room for a nano brewery I have seen!  The brewery was pouring their Pale Ale, IPA as well as a Shandy, Lone Tree Cider and the Hoyne Pilsner.  I went home with a growler of their IPA so a review will be coming soon!  I did not know that this brewery was only two months old as of my visit!  To go with the Lounge License the brewery serves a limited food menu also including Burgers, Nachos, Fish Tacos and a Salad from the pub across the parking lot.

I was not able to get a full tour of the brewery while I was in town as I was both in a rush and the staff on hand was not supposed to let people in the back.  I was able to get a quick peak into the brewery to see the grain mill area and the brewing vessels.  I wish the brewer had been there to both show me around more and explain the 6 – 50L vessel brew house and I wish I had more time but neither worked out sadly.   A blog out of Ontario called Student Of Beer had a more full view of the brewery you can check out here.

Full sized photos

Førbidden Brewing
1590 Cliffe Ave

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