Apricot Sour – Red Collar Brewing

Red Collar Brewing in Kamloops has ventured into an area of brewing their brewmaster David has never gone.  Worried about infecting a brewery with wild yeasts a problem that can be very real with sour beers David had always avoided the style.  Working with the university in Kamloops in the lab he was able to find a yest strain that he could kettle sour his beers with that would pose little risk to the brewery overall.  From this has come his first ever sour beer their “Apricot Sour” a Berliner Weisse.  The beer pours a cloudy yellowy orange colour with a white head.  The aroma consists of apricot with a tart and yeasty finish.  The flavour is of a good tart hit up front with apricots, citrus, some mild earth and maybe a hint of wheat and yeast.  There is not much sweetness in this beer and it lets the tart notes take over.  The alcohol content comes in at 5% with an IBU of 10.  This is a pretty darn good sour and it is even more impressive as it is Davids first attempt at a sour.  I hope this beer is a success and we see more sours coming out of Red Collar Brewing especially if they could end up in bottles!

red collar apricot sour

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