One Duck Brewing (Under Construction) – Squamish

Squamish has a new brewery in the works.  This time it is a nano brewery called One Duck Brewing.  The brewery started its life as part of a kickstarter campaign.


Because the construction is still in the early stages I was asked not to share the address of the brewery but I can share a a look inside the brewery.  One Duck Brewing is located in a multi tenant warehouse.  The tasting room will be located at the front of the space near the front door.  The first photo is from where the brew house will be located towards the front.  The second photo shows where the bar will be located in tape.  The third photo is located beside the bar to the left of the stairs and depicts where  the storage area will be and possibly the grain mill.

Visible from the tasting room will be the fermentors and brew house as can be seen in tape on the floor in the first photo.  Photo two is around the corner and is where the cooler will be located.

Upstairs there seems to be plans to have a little lounge but I am not sure what will happen there.

There is still lots of construction to go on at the brewery including cutting up the slab for trench trains as well as building the bar and cooler but things are well under way.  One thing that the owner Jesse won’t need to wait for though is the brewing equipment.  The brewing equipment is already in storage so once the renovations are done the equipment can be moved in and setup.  The next 3 photos are from Jesse owner and brewer.

Jesse looks to be leaning towards specializing in Belgian ales and hopes to be open for business in early Spring.  Keep your eyes open for updates!

Full sized photos can be found here.

One Duck Brewing

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