Traquair 50 Anniversary Ale – Traquair House

From Traquair House in Scotland comes their “Traquair 50 Anniversary Ale” an Old Ale.  The beer was limited to a 20,000 bottle run so I do not know how it made it to Canada.  The beer pours a deep brown colour with a ruby tinge and a brown head.  The aroma consists of dark fruits, brown sugar and an overall sweetness.  The flavour is of dark fruits, cherries, brown sugar, earth, molasses and sweetness.  The alcohol content comes in at 9%.  This beer was a bit on the sweet side but it was good and I was glad I was able to get a bottle.

Commercial Description:  Celebrating 50 years of brewing in the ancient brewery at Traquair, Scotland’s Oldest Inhabited House. A limited edition ale (20,000 bottles only) packaged in a specially designed bottle. This is not a beer to be taken lightly but promises to be a smooth dark  and well balanced ale.


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