Brooding Soldier Barrel Aged Dubbel – Brewsters Brewing Company

From Brewsters Brewing Company out of Calgary Alberta comes their “Brooding Soldier Barrel Aged Dubbel”.  The beer pours a ruby red colour with a tan head.  The aroma consists of dark fruits, candied sugar, oak and a sweet finish.  The flavour is of dark fruits, toffee, candied sugar, dark fruits, red wine, oak, semi sweet, oak and a mild boozy finish.  The alcohol content comes in at a strong 8%.  The first sip of this beer I was not sure about it but by the second sip I was sold.  This is a great beer with all kinds of things going on in it.

Commercial Description:  You may have noticed some wine barrels on display in our restaurant in the Calgary Foothills industrial area. Rest assured, we’re not dipping our toes into winemaking. We’ve been busy concocting this barrel aged brew. Brooding Soldier Barrel Aged Dubbel exhibits a complex, malty sweetness with notes of ripe red fruit. It has a warm, dry finish and oaked wine character.


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