Trading Post Brewing (Construction Update) – Langley

Langley is finally moving into the craft beer scene with its own brewery coming early 2016.


Trading Post Brewing will be located only blocks from Willowbrook Shopping Centre.  Head Brewer for this brewery will be very familiar to craft beer fans in BC as it is no other than Tony Dewald who has seemingly brewed everywhere!  His last position was head brewer out at Old Abbey Ales in Abbotsford.


The brewery is working to open up for mid to late January but as it always goes until the beer is ready you never really know the exact date.  The brewery side of the operation is closer to completion so I will start talking about it first.  The brew house is a 15 HL system from Specific Mechanical on Vancouver Island with 5 – 30 HL fermentors and 2 – 30 HL bright tanks.  All beer when ready will be transferred into kegs for serving here at the brewery as well as their Taphouse & Eatery that will be located right in Fort Langley (also under construction).

Like I said before the tap room is still at early stages of construction as well as their lounge on the second level above the tap room.  The bars is going to have beer tap systems installed soon and lots of finishing touches are still to be done.

Tony talked allot about how they are working towards building a brewery and a beer lineup that is contemporary.  They are still working on what exactly that will mean but expect to see some approachable beers on tap to draw in the locals while having some experimental beers to hook them.  Tony is such a wealth of knowledge of making beer and the BC craft beer scene going back a long way and unfortunately we ended up talking much more about the scene in general and less about the brewery itself.  Also fortunately this means I will have to go back and talk more with Tony about the brewery and their taphouse in Fort Langley.  Stay tuned for more information in the future!

Full sized photos.

Trading Post Brewing
Unit 107-20120 64th Ave
Langley, BC


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