Foamers’ Folly Brewing – Pitt Meadows

Well today December 18th, 2015 is the day that Foamers’ Folly Brewing in Pitt Meadows opened!  It looked like they knocked their opening out of the park also as it was so busy they had to hold people outside until they were under capacity.  If you have been following the blog you would have seen the construction process of the brewery with an Initial post and then a follow up for the lounge.


The lounge was busy, the beer was flowing and the pizza was being served.  There was smiles all around as this is the first brewery in Pitt Meadows.

The lounge opened with 6 beer but plan to have up to 20 on tap at any time with one extra tap for CO2.  They also have a full growler station around the side of the bar.  The whole brewery has been licensed including the mezzanine from my understanding so you can move about the brewery as you wish when they are not brewing.  There will also be a patio built in the summer.

Excerpt from my original post below:

They do not have one brew house but two with two different sets of fermenters to go along with them.  Walking up onto the brew house platform you are met with one 500L system with a larger 2000L system beside it!  The 500L system is designed to do double batches to fill 1000L fermenters while the 2000L system is similarly designed to fill 4000L tanks in two brews.  They have done this to reduce downtime while brewing as they can have two different beer on the go at any one time.  Another neat system they have for doing interesting one offs like single hop beers is a small mobile system with a duel step 4-100L tank system (4 Kettles and 4 Fermentors for a total of 8 tanks) so they can fill them on the brewery floor then move them back upstairs to ferment while still being attached to the breweries glycol chilling system.  This way they can make a base beer in the 500L brew house and make 4 distinct beer out of one base beer.  This will make test batches very easily scaleable as they use the same carefully temperature controlled system.  To help maximize space the brewery decided to go with horizontally stacked bright tanks.  You can see in the one photo that the cooler is still under construction.

On the mezzanine is where the grain mill, grain (well it will be) and glycol system are housed as well as the batch of bright tanks that you can see from the growler bar.  They also have a nitrogen system so they can pour nitro beers!  Hidden up here was also a bottling machine!  When I was there they had just received their first batch of growlers and were loading them up on the second floor for temporary storage.

The brewery has three brewers but none will be considered a head brewer or assistant brewer.  The plan is to always have two of the three brewing on brew days minimum.  They hope this will help bring creativity to the brewery as they can all brain storm as equals.

Full sized photos.

Foamers’ Folly Brewing Co
19221 122A Avenue
Pitt Meadows


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