Happy New Beer Barrel Aged Sour – Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub

From Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub in Victoria BC comes the “Happy New Beer Barrel Aged Sour”. The beer pours a golden yellow colour with an off white head. The aroma consists of citrus, tartness and a mild grainy finish. The flavour is of citrusy lemon, earth, pepper, grain, mild wood, quite mild tartness with a resinous hops finish. The alcohol content comes in at 4.5% with an IBU of 30. This beer is tasty but I have a feeling that the low alcohol content and barrel ageing ate away at the sour nature. This beer will appeal to a much larger group than the average sour beer. It’s more of a fruit beer without the sweetness and with a good hop addition.

Commercial Description:  Our Happy New Beer is a specialty barrel aged sour. A refreshingly tart beer perfect for ringing in the New Year! This beer has been dry hopped with Pacific North West varietals for an added level of complexity.  To good friends, a Happy New Year and a Happy New Beer!

Food pairing as per brewery:  house smoked fish plate.


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