Woolly Bugger Barley Wine 2015 – Howe Sound Brewing

From Squamish BC’s Howe Sound Brewing comes the “Woolly Bugger Barley Wine” 2015 vintage. This year’s beer has been upgraded to a 650ml bomber from the last 4+ years of smaller bottles. The beer pours a deep reddish brown colour with a light brown head. The aroma consists of dark fruits, earth, bitterness, caramel, toffee and sweetness. The flavour is of dark fruits, earth, bitterness, caramel, toffee, sweetness and alcohol. This year’s version was not as enjoyable fresh as the last few years. The alcohol content comes in at 10.5% with an IBU of 75. Even though it is not as palatable fresh as previous years that does not change the fact this is a great beer. It will just get better with age.

Commercial Description:  This rich, malty barley wine-style ale has an intense depth of flavour and is brewed with pale, crystal, cara, chocolate and special B malts, Nugget, Fuggles and Golding hops, water and ale yeast.

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