Cantus Fermus – Main Street Brewing

From Main Street Brewing in Vancouver comes their “Cantus Fermus” a beer that uses the dregs from the bottle of a Cantillon.  The beer pours a orangy colour with an off white head.  The aroma consists of a nice funk, tartness, fruit and a good yeast backbone.  The flavour is of lemon, tangy citrus, funk, yeast, candies, sweetness with some similar Cantillon notes in the finish.    The alcohol content comes in at 5% with an IBU of 3.  The bottle was number 138 and bottled on October 0, 2015.  I think this bottle with do some good with some aging but the beer is quite interesting as it is!

Commercial Description:  Our award-winning Cantus Fermus is now available, while stocks last, in 750ml bottles on the retail side. Limit two per person.  Hand labeled and numbered by our brewmaster Jack Bensley, this beautiful sour was brewed using Cantillon bottle dregs and a turbid mash. It has a soft mouth feel with a noticeable wheat character, citrus and lacto in the nose, and a nice malt backdrop.



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