Andina Brewing Company (Demolition) – Vancouver

Vancouver has yet anouther brewery in the works (like that is hard to believe).


If you have driven down Powell Street in East Vancouver recently and seen a big yellow building you know where Andina Brewing is going to be located.  The brewery is being opened up by two brothers originally from Columbia Andres and Nicolas Amaya.  The brewery is going to be working on bringing sessionable beers to Vancouver with 4 staples including a Kolsch, Pilsner, Pale Ale and Blonde IPA.  They will not be doing sours or imperials for at least a few years (current plan).  They are looking forward to bringing a different spin to the Vancouver scene and bringing over some of their culture from Columbia.  They will have a kitchen that will make a popular dish in Latin America named Ceviche as well as other things.

I was able to stop into their space today to take a look behind the scenes and share it with the craft beer scene.

Photo one is looking from the back of the public area of the brewery towards the tasting lounge.  In front of the windows they will be putting in a stage for live music. The second photo shows more of the lounge and where the bar is located on the left side of the photo.  Photo three shows where the kitchen will be located.  Photo 4 shows where the bar will be located and then the opening where the brewery is located through.  The opening in that photo will be framed in with a large window.  Photo five gives us a look at where the brewery will be located.  Against the far wall will be the brewhouse proper with the tank farm running along the columns in the middle of the photo.  Photo six is where the cold room will be located.  The last photo will be where a future office (maybe lab) and staff area will be built.

This is going to be a pretty large brewery to start and there will be area to expand as only a portion of the brewery side will be utilized to start.  The brewery is looking to open mid year with a hopeful date in early June.  Keep your eyes peeled here for updates on their construction progress.


Full sized photos found here.

Andina Brewing Company
1507 Powell Street,

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