Trading Post Brewing Grand Opening – Langley

Well as of February 13th, 2016 Langley has joined the Craft Beer Revolution!  Trading Post Brewing had its grand opening and a huge grand opening it was!


I don’t think anyone expected the opening of Trading Post Brewing to be quite as huge as it ended up being.  From the opening until I left well after 4pm there was a lineup outside to get in and a lineup inside to get beer!


The feeling I got from the staff was an overwhelmed excitement.  I have never seen an opening this popular outside of Vancouver and I hope that this does not change!

The tasting lounge is broken into two levels.  The main area through the doors has a great look of wood that really fits in with the trading post look they are going for.  There are lots of tables and bar level tables to drink your beer or eat your food that you order.

If the tasting room is really busy though you can head upstairs to the second part of the lounge.


Heading up the stairs your will find more tables and a nice standing bar that looks over the brewery.

The brewery itself is visible from both the tasting room and the lounge above.  The brewery consists of a 15 HL system from Specific Mechanical on Vancouver Island with 5 – 30 HL fermentors and 2 – 30 HL bright tanks.  The brewmaster Tony Dewald has been doing his homework while setting up the brewery.  He has been trying to make recipes that could have been enjoyed back in the days of Fort Langley.  Ingredients that could have possibly been sourced back at that time have been found to make this a brewery serving beer that is not only good but is also quite possibly the most authentic beer for the Fraser Valley.

If you live in Langley or anywhere near it you need to make sure to head over to try their beer.  Now the beer is really good so if you live outside of the valley you really need to head out to check out the brewery asap anyways!

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Full sized photos.

Trading Post Brewing
107-20120 64th Ave
Langley, BC
(604) 843-2337



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    Click here for full list of BC Breweries

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